Step through code on both sides!


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Stepping through code with Fox on one screen and c# on another screen has been nothing short of fantastic, especially when the routines get long.

I've found:

1. Misplaced brackets
2. Unintended reset back to a value that kept a certain subset of code in use when it shouldn't have been.
3. Trim in c# will remove CR & LF chars, but in Fox, it will not.
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When launching our app by hand, user questions pop up via the MessageBox() so the strategy for testing is to go through both versions and see that performance is the same. Here's a note from one such case:

// tested by hand by stepping through and comparing results with LaunchOneQualSet.prg - 9 main routes tested:

// 1    2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9          
// y    n   c   y   y   y   y   y   y   run qs in test mode?                yes/no/cancel
// y    -   -   n   c   c   c   c   c   multiple?                           yes/no/cancel...
// -            -   y   n   n   y   y   run selector test?                  yes/no
//                  y   -   -   n   n   run with optimization?              yes/no
//                  y   -   -   -   -   comment out intermediate deletes?   yes/no
//                  -   y   n   y   n   run processor tests?                yes/no
//                      -   y   -   -   run qual stats?                     yes/no

And here's a simple MessageBox replacement that works for this piece of code:
        static string MessageBox(string Message)
            string Response = "";  
            Response = Console.ReadLine();
            return Response;

       Message = "Run QualStats" + Strings.CRLF + Strings.CRLF + "Yes, No";
       Response = MessageBox(Message);
       if (new[] { "Y", "YE", "YES" }.Contains(Response.ToUpper().Trim()) == true)
           RunQualStats = true;

Testing by hand is definitely useful and especially important when MessageBox() is used.
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