How do I update to Win10 from 7 or 8?


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Have been updating our laptops over the last couple of days. It takes quite a long time with several confirmation key presses along the way. In each case I first installed a 500 gb solid state drive from Western Digital. Cost me $70 each. They are WD 500 GB SSD Blues. Amazon pulls them right up, You also need a $15 SATA cable and if you have a desk top a $7 mounting bracket.

You hook up the new drive externally to your machine and then download Acronis True Image WD Edition

Here are more detailed instructions:

WD SSD - Installation Instructions

Acronis is weird because you download it, run it from the 'application' which unzips it, then run it again, but it finally does work and you can then Clone your drive after ADD NEW DISK and selecting the first option so there can be a boot partition - MBR. Sometimes the Acronis software will refer you to a version that you have to pay for because it can't see the SSD. In this case you have to set it up with Windows Disk Management.

Cloning takes a while and when it's done it will shut your machine down. That's when you install the new drive.

Then you can upgrade to win 10.

Here's the link for the free Win 10 upgrade:

Download Windows 10
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