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2020/01/30 - Forum software installed
2020/02/01 - Noticed "Contact Us" emails not being received thru testing...
2020/02/02 - Email errors fixed.
2020/02/05 - Installed add-on called Code so code blocks can be posted that say "FoxPro" and "c#" at the top. Perfect add-on for this site.
2020/02/08 - Logo change via:
2020/02/08 - Removed duplication in Title with
2020/02/09 - Discovered Contact Us emails going to Spam folder in Office and have a big warning in gmail.
2020/02/23 - Discovered new member email not going to junk, but return link warns of untrusted site. Working thru header errors...
2020/02/28 - Resolved Untrusted site message with GoDaddy support. Verified it does not happen any longer.
2020/03/02 - Decided to try to put a Fox in the left forum balloon and "C#" on the right.
2020/03/13 - Forum balloons completed after many tests.
2020/03/14 - Favicon completed per:
2020/03/17 - Discovered Search doesn't work well for single short words: Iif(). Will have to fix. See item #13 here:
2020/04/04 - Made forum titles bold.


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