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    Possible font to add
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    Translating to t-sql

    We have a process that generates a unique table name and stores intermediate data in it as a # table. To manage the # table we have two Fox functions: BackupTempTable() RestoreTempTable() text to lcSql textmerge noshow IF OBJECT_ID('TempDb..#TempTableBackup') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE...
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    Sandbox - tests

    L2L 2.2 L 2.2 L2L 2.2 L 2.2
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    static public string MessageBox(string Message) { string Response = ""; Console.WriteLine(Message); Response = Console.ReadLine(); Console.Clear(); return Response; }
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    Speed tests

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    Long functions

    Some functions in Fox can be really long which makes them awkward to test. Rather than rewrite them, I've chosen to duplicate them as is. I do make sure each part is tested though. To do this I'll make variables public so their values are readily available to my test routines. Long funtions...
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    Overloading Class Functions

    The parent class has Setup() and Process() functions. They are simply overloaded in the child class. define class Parent as Custom function Setup && setup your requirements and other inits here return .T. endfunc function Process && do whatever it...
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    do case

    do case case Upper(lcTableName) = "TABLE1" ... case Upper(lcTableName) = "TABLE2" ... case Upper(lcTableName) = "TABLE3" ... case Upper(lcTableName) = "TABLE4" ... otherwise ... endcase if(TableName.ToUpper() == "TABLE1") {...} else if (TableName.ToUpper() == "TABLE2")...
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    Variable names

    local lcSql, lnPlnNum, llReturn string Sql = ""; int PlnNum = 0; bool Return = false;
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    * redims and preserves dimension laTempReq(lnCount) Array.Resize(ref aTempReq, Count);
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    Fox syntax coloring

    This is what the forum uses to do syntax coloring for many different languages: And here is the actual script that does the work for VisualBasic: Prism.languages['visual-basic'] = { 'comment': {...
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    Pure Fox Links
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    Fox forum
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    WITH this TRY loObj = CREATEOBJECT(.cProcessObj, .lRunProcessorTest) CATCH ENDTRY ENDWITH using System.Reflection; try { Type ObjectType = null; foreach (Assembly Asmb in AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies()) { if...
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    Copyright notice and Disclaimer

    Copyright: None (Public Domain) Date: March 13, 2020 All source code and documentation contained this discussion forum is in the public domain. You may use, modify, copy, distribute, and demonstrate any source code, example programs, or documentation contained here, freely without copyright...
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    Download from here: Documentation from here:
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    lnDbNum = VAL(Db_Num) DbNum = Convert.ToInt32(dsDbNum.Tables[0].Rows[0]["Db_Num"])
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    FoxPro icon credit: Carlosgutierreztobon17 / CC BY-SA (
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    How to create icons for the forums

    1. Search for an icon to start with from here: 2. Open the Figma editor. To do that go to where you need to register or login with your Google account. 3. Create new document: In top left corner of editor click the three lines representing...
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    How do I update to Win10 from 7 or 8?

    Have been updating our laptops over the last couple of days. It takes quite a long time with several confirmation key presses along the way. In each case I first installed a 500 gb solid state drive from Western Digital. Cost me $70 each. They are WD 500 GB SSD Blues. Amazon pulls them right up...